More than 66,000 mobiles were grabbed amid a year ago


KARACHI (Pak News) – Street wrongdoings inside Karachi has dependably been the most irritating issue for the tenants. Versatile grabbing occurrences are on the ascent in Karachi as CPL uncovered that no less than 100 cell phones are grabbed each day and the genuine figures can be significantly more than this.

A late report, in light of the information gathered from 109 police headquarters out of 117 police headquarters, uncovers that no less than two cell phones are grabbed on regular routine from each police headquarters’ edges which implies that 218 cell phones are being grabbed on consistent schedule.

Police affirmed that upwards of 33,770 mobiles were grabbed amid the most recent year.

In the event that each one of those grabbing episodes that are not answered to police be incorporated into this report, the figure may reach to more than sixty six thousand.

The shocking figures uncover the uncommon circumstances of road wrongdoings with the city.